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Volume 22: Part 1 (Spring 2019)  (Embargoed- Sorry Not Currently Available Online)

Volume 21 Part 6 (Autumn 2018) (Embargoed- Sorry Not Currently Available Online)

From King's Mead Priory to Mundy Street: the development and disintegration of an ex-monastic site and

estate in Derby 1536-1825  By  Richard Clark
Infant mortality in Derby and Nottingham 1890-1911  By  Denise Amos
Diary of a Shipley farmer 1867: Part 5: September 10 - 14 November  By  Malcolm Burrows

Volume 21 Part 5 (Spring 2018)  (Embargoed- Sorry Not Currently Available Online)

Land Tax in the New Mills region 1778-1832  By  Derek Brumhead
The gypsum industry in the early 17th century  By  Miriam Wood
John Robertson of Baslow - Architect  By  Ann Hall

Volume 21 Part 4 (Autumn 2017)  (Embargoed- Sorry Not Currently Available Online)

'Of known integrity, honesty and fortune': the social background and education of the astronomer John Flamsteed  By  Frances Willmoth

Volume 21 Part 3 (Spring 2017)  (Embargoed- Sorry Not Currently Available Online)

The Chinley Herbages  By  Derek Brumhead
The Life and Times of a Delinquent Cavalier, Sir Aston Cokaine, 1608-1684, Royalist, Catholic, Poet and Dramatist  By  Alan Cockayne

Volume 21: Part 2 (Autumn 2016) (Embargoed- Sorry Not Currently Available Online)

A Derbyshire family in the Middle Ages: The Shirleys of Shirley and the Saracen's Head  By  Irene Brightmer

Three into two won't go. Marriage and Hardwick’s ‘Eglantine Table’ By Terry Kilburn

Sir Samuel Sleigh 1603-1679  By  Roger Dalton

Diary of a Shipley Farmer 1867: Part 4 July 20 - 9 September  By  Malcolm Burrows


Volume 21: Part 1 (Spring 2016) (Embargoed- Sorry Not Currently Available Online)

Exeter House, Derby  By  Joan D’Arcy


Volume 20: Part 6 (Autumn 2015)

William Barton - Rowland's very own highwayman  By  Ann Hall

The New Mills Torrs Hydro and Torr Mill  By  Derek Brumhead

The Ordnance Depot, Derby and its later owners 1805-1966 Part 3: Ambrose Moore (1788-1873) and the Wilson family  By  Jane Steer

John Porter, citizen and merchant tailor of London  By  Miriam Wood


Volume 20: Part 5 (Spring 2015)

Clay tobacco pipe fragments found in a Derby garden  By  M. Campbell-Wilson

A Chaddesden link with the Island of Minorca  By  Peter Cholerton

The Dog and Duck, Shardlow  By  Miriam Wood

An early 19th century Light Show.  How Derby celebrated the surrender of Napoleon, June 1814  By  Joan D'Arcy

Henry Sacheverell of Hopwell (1547-1620)  By  Miriam Wood

Obituaries: Tom Larimore and Joan Ferguson, nee Sinar

Diary of a Shipley Farmer 1867: Part 3: April 17-18 July  By  Malcolm Burrows

The Ordnance Depot, Derby and its later owners 1805-1966 Part 2: Ambrose Moore, 1788-1873  By  Jane Steer


Volume 20: Part 4 (Autumn 2014)

The Ordnance Depot, Derby and its later owners 1805-1966  By  Joan D'Arcy and Jane Steer

The Toll Collectors of Rowdale Bar  By  Ann Hall

The 'Island of Minorca' - A Sawley Curiosity By Adrian Henstock

Diary of a Shipley Farmer 1867: Part 2: March 11-16 April By Malcolm Burrows


Volume 20: Part 3 (Spring 2014)

Landowners of Aston upon Trent 1500-1924, Part 2 By Miriam Wood

Derby Shrovetide Football to be Banned in 1731 By the Derby Research Group

The Ports of Etwall By Roger Dalton

A 17th Century Farmhouse Dairy, Stone House Prebend, Derby By Joan D’Arcy

Diary of a Shipley Farmer 1867: Part I: January 7-9 March By Malcolm Burrows


Volume 20: Part 2 (Autumn 2013)

Landowners of Aston upon Trent 1500 - 1924 By Miriam Wood

The North West Derbyshire Limestone Industry: the supply of an essential raw material in the Industrial Revolution By John Leach


Volume 20: Part 1 (Spring 2013)

Harrisons of Bridge Gate, Derby Whitesmiths and Engineers. Part 1: William Harrison 1735-1819 By Joan D'Arcy

Thomas Smith of Derby 1721-1767 Pioneer of English Landscape Art By Trevor Brighton


Volume 19: Part 6 (Autumn 2012)

The 1682 Inventory of William Mundy of Darley By Jane Steer

Shardlow Manor and Manor House By Miriam Wood


Volume 19: Part 5 (Spring 2012)

The Railway Omnibus from Amber Gate to Matlock Bath in 1840. By Jane Steer

The Diary of Joseph Hutsby: Part 6: 14 April 1845 — May 1846

Upward social mobility among Derbyshire's Tudor merchants. Part 2: Thomas Thacker and his family's successors By Anthony Thacker


Volume 19: Part 4 (Autumn 2011)

The impact of the growth in municipal public transport in Chesterfield 1919-1939 By Clive Leivers

Sotheby's catalogue of the Chatsworth attic sale, 5-7 October 2010 By Malcolm Burrows

The Manchester and Buxton Railway By David Hodgkins

The Twyford Blacksmith's Accounts By Margaret Campbell Wilson

The Diaries of Edward Smith of Allestree, Private Secretary to the Eyans of Allestree Hall, 1856-1859 and 1863-1869 By Rosemary Lucas


Volume 19: Part 3 (Spring 2011)

The Diary of Joseph Hutsby: Part 5: February - 12 April

The Parish Boundary between Etwall & Egginton: the arbitration of 1791 By Roger Dalton

Upward social mobility amongst Derbyshire’s Tudor merchants Part 1: Thomas Thacker and his family’s origins By Anthony Thacker


Volume 19: Part 2 (Autumn 2010)

The Elephant & Castle Inn 1613-1782 (later the Angel Inn, Cornmarket, Derby By Jane Steer

A Village revealed: 200 years of Brassington Wills By Ron Slack


Volume 19: Part 1 (Spring 2010)

The Old Harrow Inn, Market Place, Ilkeston

The Diary of Joseph Hutsby, Part 4

Bank Hall, Chapel-en-le-Frith By H. Eric Lumb & Mike Gregg


Volume 18: Part 6 (Autumn 2009)

British Archaeological Association. Eighth Annual Meeting, Derby, 18-23 August 1851 By Jane Steer

Joseph Wilkes and Measham By Janet Spavold & Sue Brown

Limestone Quarries near Peak Dale, Peak District By Derek Drumhead

The Melton Forward Control By Keith Reedman

The Reverend Robert Porter (cl558-1617p Rector of Aston upon Trent 1588-1617 By Miriam Wood


Volume 18: Part 5 (Spring 2009)

From the Derby Mercury: The Military Depot, Derby

A Note on the Use of Gypsum or Plaster for Chamber Floorings

The Rules of an Eighteenth Century Poor House

A Note on Stone Fragments found at St. Alkmunds, Derby from Malcolm Burrows

A Seventeenth Century Wall Painting in Chaddesden Church By Peter Cholerton

An Account of an Artificial Spring of Water By Erasmus Darwin

Lost Sheep/Black Sheep: The Adventures of William Gell By Ron Slack


Volume 18: Part 4 (Autumn 2008)

Castle Fields House, Derby from the Derby Mercury

The Marble Works, Derby and Masson Cottage, Matlock Bath: Further Notes By Jane Steer

The Three Angel Inns and the Elephant and Castle Inn in Rotten Row and the Cornmarket, Derby By Peter Billson

John Ward: a biography By Maurice Brassington


Volume 18: Part 3 (Spring 2008)

Sale of Shirley Water Corn Mill, 1815

The Dairy of Joseph Hutsby: Part 3: June-September 1844

Severn Engineering Works and James A. Lee By Geoff Sadler

Bemrose ’s facsimile printing process By Edward J. Law

Woolley’s world: William Woolley and the rural scene in Southern Derbyshire in the mid-eighteenth century By Roger Dalton


Volume 18: Part 2 (Autumn 2007)

The Angel Inn, Cornmarket, Derby formerly the Elephant and Castle Inn By Jane Steer

I join the Derby Sketching Claub and meet Mrs Mundy By the late Fred Ellingham

The traditional Boots shop: a personal view Ruth Evans

John Thacker Saxton: a Chesterfield radical By Lesley Phillips

The Probate Inventory of a Master Shoemaker: William Titterton of Ashbourne, Died 1642 By Catherine Dack


Volume 18: Part 1 (Spring 2007)

Roy Christian 1914-2006 By Mick Appleby

Derbyshire farming c1880 and the Great Agricultural Depression By Roger T. Dalton

An account of the lime kilns and associated quarries at Turnditch, Derbyshire By Sue Woore

The Spar Manufactory, Derby, and the Mawe family: Further notes By Jane Steer


Volume 17: Part 6 (Autumn 2006)

John Mawe’s Museum at Cheltenham By Jane Steer

The Ollersett Waterworks, 1831-1907 By Derek Brumhead

Prayers for the dead - Vernon chantries and benefactions to monasteries By Anthony Cox


Volume 17: Part 5 (Spring 2006)

Pupil teachers in the Derby Board Schools - a postscript By Sheila Amer

The Shipley Poem contributed By Malcolm Burrows

A brief history and archaeological analysis of Brook Street Chapel, Derby: a General Baptist Chapel 1892-1854 and a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1856-2002 By Peter Billson with contributions from Joan D’Arcy

The search for Lutudarum, evidence and supposition By Anton Shone


Volume 17: Part 4 (Autumn 2005)

The diary of Joseph Hutsby Part 2: January-May 1844

Malpas Road on Matlock Bank By Miriam Wood

John Leedham: a case too far By Alan F. Jones

I had never seen better shops in a country town: Fashionable retailing in Hanoverian Derby By Ian Mitchell


Volume 17: Part 3 (Spring 2005)

Smallpox among the navvies: the response of Bakewell Rural Sanitary Authority By Clive Leivers

Pupil teachers in the Derby Board Schools By Sheila Amer

New Mills in Bowden Middlecale before the Industrial Revolution By Derek Brumhead


Volume 17: Part 2 (Autumn 2004)

Note: condensed from Walks in the Neighbourhood of Sheffield, 1830 contributed By Malcolm Burrows

Note: The rise and progress of the spar manufactures of Derbyshire By Jane Steer

Belland lives on near Old Brampton Editor’s Note

Note: The Archaeological Journal: December 1844 contributed By Malcolm Burrows

The diary of Joseph Hutsby: Part I, 1843

Railway milk from Etwall station, South Derbyshire during the autumn of 1883 By Roger Dalton

The social structure of Nonconformist Evangelicalism: a study of the Methodist circuit of Belper By Clive Leivers

An Award for Roger Dalton and Derbyshire Miscellany


Volume 17: Part 1 (Spring 2004)

Part 3: The site of the Hospital of St Helen’s in the 19th century. 2. 85 King Street (former Derby China Works) By Jane Steer

Barrage balloon sites in the City of Derby - readers comments on the article in Vol 16: Part 6

Sir John Gell of Hopton and his hawks By Ron Slack

The Rev. George Greaves (1746-1828) and Stanton By Bridge during his incumbency By Joan Baker

Some notes on Denby in the time of John Flamstead By Dudley Fowkes

The Fitzherbert Family: Derbyshire recusants By John March


Volume 16: Part 6 (Autumn 2003)

Barrage balloon sites in the City of Derby By Jim Regan

The site of the Hospital of St Helen’s in the 19th century. 1: The Spar Manufactory By Jane Steer


Volume 16: Part 5 (Spring 2003)

Long Eaton County School before 1920 (Extracted from Cambridge & Clare, the autobiography of the late Sir Harry Godwin, FRS (1901-1985 :

St George’s Chapel - a puzzle answered

The Derbyshire Farm Labourer in the 1860s By Roger Dalton

The Chinley Tithe Case 1765-6 By Derek Brumhead


Volume 16: Part 4 (Autumn 2002)

John Coke - theatre patron By Howard Usher

Part 2: The buildings on the site of the Hospital of St Helen’s in the eighteenth century By Jane Steer

Part 1: St Helen’s Oratory and Hospital By Joan D’Arcy

From Religious Oratory to Spar Manufactory - the development of the site of St Helen’s, Derby: Introduction By Joan D’Arcy and Jane Steer


Volume 16: Part 3 (Spring 2002)

J. Charles Cox - a note on the coal mining interests By David G. Edwards

The Derby Buildings Record By Barbara Hutton

An assessment of the Chartist Movement in Derby 1839-42 By Rosemary Key


Volume 16: Part 2 (Autumn 2001)

Southwood House and garden: Correction to Vol 16, Part 1.

The Midland Counties Railway bridge in Sawley By Ian Mitchell

John Farey’s Derbyshire: cattle and Derbyshire farming in the early nineteenth century By Roger Dalton

Colonel Gell and Major Sanders: internal feuding among the Parliamentary forces in Derbyshire during the Civil War of 1642-6 By Ron Slack.


Volume 16: Part 1 (Spring 2001)

Southwood House and garden, a rare 16th century survival By Janet Spavold and Sue Brown

Farming in Barrow-upon-Trent and Twyford in the 16th and 17th centuries using the evidence of wills and probate inventories By Joan Davies and Barbara Hutton


Volume 15: Part 6 (Autumn 2000)

Allotments in mid-nineteenth century Derbyshire - a request By Jeremy Burchardt

A short life of J. Charles Cox - Derbyshire Miscellany Spring 2000 - a note By Bernard Nurse

The operation of the old Poor Laws in Boulton By Dudley Fowkes

A short history of the Central United Reformed Church, Derby By K.M. Eagers

Philip Gell and the corsairs By Ron Slack


Volume 15: Part 5 (Spring 2000)

The High Peak Rail Road 1815 By David Martin

The estates of Thomas Eyre of Rowter in the Royal Forest of the Peak and the Massereene connection By Derek Brumhead

A short life of J. Charles Cox By Canon Maurice Abbot


Volume 15: Part 4 (Autumn 1999)

Melbourne Water Supply By Howard Usher

John Farey’s Derbyshire: Derbyshire sheep farming in the early nineteenth century By Roger Dalton

Notes on the supposed Roman Baths at Buxton By J.T. Leach


Volume 15: Part 3 (Spring 1999)

A Derby Engineer - William John Stephenson-Peach, M.I.M.E By Betty Kitching

The Stanley to Chaddesden Tramway of the Derby Kilburn Colliery Company By Peter Cholerton

Some Reflections on George Eliot, Adam Bede and Derbyshire By Bert Clarke

The Committee Wagon of the Peak Forest Canal Company By Brian Lamb

Accounts for the Building of Sawley School, 1771-2 By Keith Reedman

Torr Vale Mills and the Torrs, New Mills - correction

Mr Wragg’s List: A local 18th century resource for family history research By Janet Ashley


Volume 15: Part 2 (Autumn 1998)

South Normanton Post Mill - a sad story By Alan Gifford

Torr Vale Mill and the Torrs, New Mills By Derek Brumhead


Reportage of the Michaelmas Cheese Fair at Derby in the Derby Mercury 1780-1880 By Roger Dalton

Bubonic plague or anthrax or measles? By John Clifford

Arleston and the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem By Barbara Hutton


Volume 15: Part 1 (Spring 1998)

The residence of William Emes at Mackworth By Rosemary Lucas

William Margerison: the first master of Staveley Netherthorpe school By Pamela Kettle

Things written in the glasse windowes at Buxstons’ By Mike Langham

Grammar school education in Derby: its early history to 1662 By Richard Clark


Volume 14: Part 6 (Autumn 1997)

St Giles Church, Normanton-by-Derby - addendum

Civil War Derbyshire: Sir John Gell’s ’True Relation’ reconsidered By Andrew Polkey


Volume 14: Part 5 (Spring 1997)

The cattle plague in Derbyshire 1865 to 1866 By Roger Dalton

Overton, Ashover and Sir Joseph Banks By Stuart Band

Found: the site of an early water mill in South Derbyshire By D.J. Baker

Beautifull Dustp an appraisal of the Allestrey Monument in Derby Cathedral By Maxwell Craven

A re-evaluation of the destroyed church of St Giles, Normanton-by-Derby By Judith Raven


Volume 14: Part 4 (Autumn 1996)

George Newall’s estate map of Culland (1709) - a Staffordshire stray (R.H.Osborne :

Caught in the Act (extract from the Court Rolls, Duffield - 20 Oct: 44 Eliz: 1602)

Edward Clulow: Victorian railway booking clerk, bookseller, newsagent, stationer and sub-office postmaster (P.Billson)

Keeping it in the family - a history of Harrison Bros. & Howson, Sheffield cutlers (D.E.Jenkins)

Derbyshire Archaeological and Historical Society (reprinted from ’The Reliquaryp January 1878)

J.C.Bates (H.Langham and C.Wells)

Ashover Fabrick: a lost seventeenth century folly (A.J.M. Henstock)


Volume 14: Part 3 (Spring 1996)

The origins of people living in Ironville in 1851 (D.V.Fowkes :

Derby Borough Rental 1729: Part 2 (J.Steer)

The Manor of Stanton-by-Bridge (J.Baker)


Volume 14: Part 2 (Autumn 1995)

George Lamb’s advice for future archivists (H.J.Usher)

Les Tuxford remembers the early ’bus scene in Derby (L.Tuxford)

Derby Borough Rental 1729: Part 1 (J.Steer)

St Bride’s Farm, Stanton-by-Bridge (R.J.Usher)


Volume 14: Part 1 (Spring 1995)

Shirebrook Notes (C.Crapper)


Volume 13: Part 6 (Autumn 1994)

Staveley population changes (A.D.Smith)

A case of Mineral Tithes (H.J.Usher)

The industrial archaeology of New Mills (D.Brumhead)

The 1803 ’Home Guard’ (U.J.Usher)

Hasland Old Hall (S.L.Garlic)

Winter in Eyam: extracts from the journal of Thomas Birds (D.V.Fowkes)

A description of Derbyshire in 1764 (J.V.Beckett)


Volume 13: Part 5 (Spring 1994)

Derbyshire Toolmakers (B.H.Read)

Editorial note on ’A commentary on recent work on the Morley Park and Alderwasley Ironworks and Coal Mines’ (Editor)

Two Victorian engineers with Derbyshire origins (J.E.P.Heath)

Some additional notes on William Brunton, May 1777-October 1851 (J.E.P.Heath)

The Primitive Methodist Chapel at Normanton-by-Derby (E.J.Wheatley)

The Ticknall Round House (Y.Crowden)

Buildings on Swarkestone Bridge (J.Eaker)

William Peverel and family (J.B.Crisp)


Volume 13: Part 4 (Autumn 1993)

Mary Brocksopp (1811-1835p a minor North Derbyshire heiress (D.E.Jenkins)

Derby Silk Mill (J.V.Beckett) A commentary on recent work on the Morley Park and Alderwasley Ironworks and Coal Mines (T.J.Judge)

Walter Marsh, Archdeacon of Derby, renegade, spy and heretic (R.Clark)

An alternative history of Derby (D.V.Fowkes)


Volume 13: Part 3 (Spring 1993)

Shirebrook notes (C. Crapper)

Robert Wilmot’s Chaddesden Almshouses (P. F. Cholerton)

A Jacobean ’Tudor House’ at Brassington (R.Slack)

Editorial note on the cover design (D.V.Fowkes)


Volume 13: Part 2 (Autumn 1992)

The Red Book of Darley (E.Paulson)

A dispute and a mystery solved? The quarrel between John Mundy and Mark Hope, vicar of Mackworth, in 1663 and its consequences (R.Lucas)

Arthur Mower of Barlow Woodseats, County Derby: Part 2 (R.Milward)


Volume 13: Part 1 (Spring 1992)

Arthur Mower of Barlow Woodseats, County Derby - a sixteenth century yeoman (to be continued) (R.Milward)

Corrigenda to Vol 12: Part 6 - page 165

Field names in Wingerworth: a comparison of surveys made in 1779 and 1843 (D.G.Edwards)

Extraction of whitecoal pit at Hag Wood, Barlow, 1986-1987 (D.V.Fowkes)


Volume 12: Part 6 (Autumn 1991)

Working class housing in nineteenth century Derby (J.Grattidge and J.E.P.Heath)

The Ashbourne Football Song (E.Paulson)

Irish Interlude (H.Usher)

Alabaster tomb manufacture - towards a re-appraisal (C.Ryde)

Early medieval settlement problems: problems, pitfalls, and possibilities (M.Tranter)


Volume 12: Part 5 (Spring 1991)

Barmaster of Wirksworth (K.Usher)

The unemployed march of 1933 (J.E.P.Heath)

Truths. No 1 and the Industrial Revolution (A.D.Harvey)

Parsonage houses in the Derby Deanery during the seventeenth to eighteenth centuries: Part 2 (R.Lucas)

Melbourne Castle (H.Usher)


Volume 12: Part 4 (Autumn 1990)

Waldewike - trading settlement or dairy farm? (J.Steer)

Andrew Handyside and’his workforce (S.Henson)

The Brassington manors land tenure and land use 1550-1770: Part 2 (R.Slack)

The alabaster angels of Chellaston (H.Usher)


Volume 12: Part 3 (Spring 1990)

The Brassington manors - land tenure and land use 1550-1770: Part 1 (R.Slack)

The lost manor of Winlands (H.Usher)

Burton Abbey holdings and the origins of Derby: a comment (M.Tranter)

Derbyshire Justices of the Peace (S.Wilkinson)

An English primary town? Some speculations on the pre-Conquest history of Chesterfield; (T.Kilburn)


Volume 12: Part 2 (Autumn 1989)

Clots, Clods and Bottlewanders - replies (Editor)

the life and work of Thomas Bent, M.D. (W.Bateman)

Thomas Pole’s Journey into Derbyshire (J.Burnby)

The Derby Election of 1722 (J.Black)


Volume 12: Part 1 (Spring 1989)

More light on "Captain Swing" (H.Usher)

Mary, Queen of Scots - her visits to Buxton (J.T.Leach)

The Distribution of early nineteenth century Derbyshire Newspapers (J.E.P.Heath)

Clots and Clods (K.Reedman)

Medieval Holdings of Burton Abbey in Derby, Part 2: the Emergence of Derby (J.Steer)


Volume 11: Part 6 (Autumn 1988)

Charles Osmaston (P.J.Naylor)

Captain Swing’s Activities in Derbyshire and the Neighbouring Counties: the Agricultural Riots of 1830-31 (W.Bateman)

Medieval Holdings of Burton Abbey in Derby, Part 1: the Identification of the Holdings of Burton Abbey (J.Steer)


Volume 11: Part 5 (Spring 1988)

The childhood memories of William Hayes, Coal Miner and Methodist Minister (T.Warner)

Some notes on the Chaddesden and District Association for the Prevention of Crime (P.F.Cholerton)

Parsonage houses in the Derby Deanery during the seventeenth century (R.Lucas)

Castles of South Derbyshire (H.Usher)


Volume 11: Part 4 (Autumn 1987)

George Sitwell of Edington who died in 1607 (P.Kettle)

Water at Over Haddon (H.Usher)

Thomas Nightingale of Lea, Lead Merchant (M.Wood)

Notes on the early history of Winster (M.Rodger)

Early Enclosure at Melbourne (H.Usher)


Volume 11: Part 3 (Spring 1987)

Domesday Waste and Derbyshire (J.E.P.Heath)

The Crich Dumb-bells (E.Paulson)

The Diary of Robert Louis Wild (D.V.Fowkes)

An item of postal history - the Derby Earthquake of 1795 (J.Grimwood- Taylor)

The Cursing Woman (E.Paulson)

Post-Reformation Catholicism in Derbyshire (J.A.Hilton)

Will the real William Peverellsppp (J.T.Leach)


Volume 11: Part 2 (Autumn 1986)

A Reassessment of the Chellaston Gypsum Plaster Industry (J.Young and R.J.Firman)

George Wilkins - Printer, Bookseller, Newspaper Proprietor, Artist and Evangelist (J.E.P.Heath)

The Parish Clerks of St Helen’s, Darley (E.Paulson)

A Return of each Member of the Lower House for Derbyshire Part 2 1340-1832 (D.R.Craggs)


Volume 11: Part 1 (Spring 1986)

Coal Mining at Belper (J.E.P.Heath)

Field and place names of Chaddesden (P.F.Cholerton)

Land Tenure in a lead mining village: Brassington, 1835 (R.Slack)

Some aspects on tithes in Chellaston (J.Young)

The Burkitts of Chesterfield and the Langwith Maltings (J.E.P.Heath)

Coal Mining near Buxton (J.T.Leach)


Volume 10: Part 6 (Autumn 1985)

Anna Seward at Buxton 1808 (D.Johnson)

Calke Abbey: its setting and working estate (J.C.Sinar)

An early 19th century plan of Chaddesden and the problems associated with its dating (P.F.Cholerton)


Volume 10: Part 5 (Spring 1985)

Headstone Engravers of Melbourne (H.J.Usher)

An unpublished 18th century poem on the Derby Silk Mill (J.G.MacOueen)

Buxton in 1787 (J.Black)

Books and Booksellers in the late 17th century Chesterfield (R.Milward)


Volume 10: Part 4 (Autumn 1984)

Comments on the Article on the Field-Name Stinyard By Howard Usher in Vol X: Part 3 (P.Stevenson & A.Hopkinson)

The Division of the Diocese of Southwell 1927 (M.A.B.Mallender)

The Plaster Industry in Chellaston (J.A.Young)

The Death of Christopher Fulwood (E.Paulson)

The Will of Thomas Beresford of Fenny Bentley 10th April 1612 (P.Kettle)

A Return for each Member of the Lower House for Derbyshire Part 1 1295-1340 (D.R.Craggs)


Volume 10: Part 3 (Spring 1984)

Stanton-by-Bridge - a Study of its People from Wills and Inventories (D.J.Baker)

Melbourne House, Bakewell, and Associated Properties (M.L.Knighton)

A Further Note on Lead Smelting in Lea (M.Wood)

Stinyard (H.Usher)


Volume 10: Part 2 (Autumn 1983)

Bakewell Hall, South Wingfield (W.H.Brighouse)

James F. Redfern, Sculptor (A.D.Gibson)

Further notes on Dialect (W.P.Featherstone)

Downlee (M.A.Bellhouse)

The Revival of Catholicism in the Erewash Valley (P.Dalling)

The Edensor Friendly Benefit Society (A.Watson)

Great Hucklow - a lead mining village in the nineteenth Century: population and occupations (J.Gardiner)

The Tribulations of an 18th Century Duffield Vicar (F.Fisher)

The Village and Church of Morton, Derbyshire (E.C.Clayton)

Dispersed Townships: Parcel of the Township or Constablery of Morton lying in the Parish of Brampton (F.H.Slawson)

A Domesday Faux Pas (J.Wood)

Mapleton or Mappleton (R.C.Smith)


Volume 10: Part 1 (Spring 1983)

Handysides and the G.P.O. (J.E.Heath)

Recollections through Old Winster (through M.Rodger)

On Foot through Derbyshire in 1755 (S.L.Garlic)

The Other Happeningsof 1745 (J.Black)

William Cavendish, first Duke of Newcastle 1593-1676 (L.S. Harrison)

Volume 9: Part 6 (Autumn 1982)

New Evidence Regarding the Balcony Field at Swarkestone (J.A.Young)

A Visit to Derbyshire - being part of a Tour through England made by Thomas Wright and Others in 1750 (S.L.Garlic)

The Railway Network of Southern Derbyshire (C.J.Swain)


Volume 9: Part 5 (Spring 1982)

Derby’s Forgotten Railway - the Duke Street Branch (M.Higginson)

Further Notes on J.T.Boam (the Ray Service) and J.H.Booth (C.J.Swain)

Lead Smelting in Lea (M.Wood)

The Origins of Protestant Dissent in Ilkeston (R.Clark)

Civil War and Civil Strife in South West Derbyshire 1500-1650 (S.A.Barker)

Yeaveley - Stydd and the Hospitallers (S.L.Garlic)

Civil War and Civil Strife in South West Derbyshire 1250- 1499 (S.A.Barker)


Volume 9: Part 4 (Autumn 1981)

Notes on Brickworks in the Bolsover Area (G.L.Vass)

The School Board Elections in Derby (J.E.Heath)

Long Eaton Market between the Wars (J.E.Heath)

Derbyshire and Keighley: some eighteenth Century Links (T.K.Smith)

The Bradshaws of Brook House Farm, Combs (M.A. Bellhouse)

Linguistics and Sculpture at Melbourne, Derbyshire (J.A. Jerman)


Volume 9: Part 3 (Spring 1981)

Captain Kettle - a Modern Derbyshire Folk-Tale (D.V.Fowkes)

An Introduction to the use of Maps in Derbyshire (D.V.Fowkes)

Farming in Victorian Barlborough (D.V.Fowkes)

The Wriggling Road (E. Paulson)

Little Thrumpton (K.A.Reedman)


Volume 9: Part 2 (Autumn 1980)

A Lesser-Known Derbyshire Map (D.V. Fowkes)

Long Eaton School Board and its Schools (C.E.Brown)

The Matlock Monster - a Derbyshire Folk-Tale (E.Paulson)

A Bishop’s Summer Journey into the East Midlands in 1708 (J.E.Heath)


Volume 9: Part 1 (Spring 1980)

Some seventeenth Century Chesterfield Inns and Innkeepers (R.Milward)

The Stancliffe Quarry Railway (E.Paulson)

The Derbyshire Constabulary - its Establishment (J.E.Heath)

Llewellynn Jewitt, Art Historian and Archaeologist (R.B.Brown)

An Ugly Incident at Chesterfield (H.Heather)

Ticknall - a Tale of Two Churches (J.Hyde)


Volume 8: Part 6 (Autumn 1979)

Notes on the History of North Wingfield (D.V.Fowkes)

The Borough of Derby between 1780 and 1810 (J.E.Heath)

Notes on Pleasley Parish Record (D.V.Fowkes)

Notes on the History of Okeover Church (J.T.Brighton & D.V.Fowkes)


Volume 8: Part 5 (Spring 1979)

Calke and Ticknall (J.C.Sinar)

Bygone Grassmoor (S.L. Garlic)

John Brown of Elmton - a note (D.Edwards)


Volume 8: Part 4 (Autumn 1978)

Education in Derby 1870 - 1903 (J.E.Heath)

The Framework-Knitters between 1775-1850 with particular reference to the Ilkeston Area (J.E.Heath)

Notes on Dialect in the Dove Valley Area (W.P.Featherstone)

J.H.Booth (G.T.Warwick)

J.T.Boam and Sons, Heanor Motor Garage (F.Boam)

John Walker’s Diary (S.J.Brown)


Volume 8: Part 3 (Spring 1978)

Elmton (J.C.Sinar)

A Letter to Madam Turnor from Edmd. Evans (M.Wood)

Industrialists and Education in Derbyshire in the nineteenth Century (J.E.Heath)

History of Higher Owlgreave (M.A.Bellhouse)

Derby China (L.S.Harrison)

Martha Taylor - the Fasting Maid of Over Haddon (J. Wadsworth)


Volume 8: Part 2 (Autumn 1977)

The Aston- on-Trent Tramway (J.E.Heath)

Ice House at Middleton Hall, Middleton-by-Youlgreave (J.F.Marsh)

Itinerant Lecturers (J.E.Heath)

Two Lost Footpaths on Combs Edge (M.A.Bellhouse)

From the Journal of Francois de la Rochefoucauld - an account of a visit to Mr Swift’s Mill, Derby, 1785 (E.M.B.Hughes)

A Frenchman’s Visit to Derbyshire in 1785 (M.Bell)

The Darleys of Wistow and Buttercrambe (E.Paulson)

The Ticknall Parish Docurnents (J.Hyde)

Gathokewell (R.W.P.Cockerton)

Early Settlement on the Site of Chesterfield (P.J.Riden)


Volume 8: Part 1 (Spring 1977)

Ockbrook (J.C.Sinar)

The Ruins of Jesse’s Cottage (M.A.Bellhouse)

Buxton’s Waters (I.E.Burton)

23-25 Market Place, Chesterfield (P.J.Riden)

The Early Derbyshire Ouakers and their Emigration to America (A.Henstock)

Peakway (Via de Pecco) (A.E.Dodd & E.M.Dodd)

The Cataloguing and Indexing of the Wolley Manuscripts (M. Wood)


Volume 7: Part 6 (Autumn 1976)

The Parish of Seal and the Border Areas of Leicestershire and Derbyshire (C. Castledine)

Local History in Ashbourne Street Names (R.C.Smith)

Curds and Whey, Part 1 General Review and the First Cheese Factories (J.Arthur)


Volume 7: Part 5 (Spring 1976)

Matlock, 1924 (E.Paulson)

Sandiacre Town Folk (J.Ball)

E. & A.West Ltd: a company history (S.Hilton)

The Buxton Crescent (I.E.Burton)

The Eighteenth Century Dairy Farmsteads of Appletree Hundred (J.B.Henderson)

The Execution of Lawrence Shirley, fourth Earl Ferrers, 5 May 1760 (F.N.Fisher)

The Clarkes of Somersall, near Chesterfield (R.Milward)

The Limestone Route at Pleasley: an interim report (P. Fullelove & S.Hornshaw)


Volume 7: Part 4 (Autumn 1975)

Daniel Higginbottom and Sheepbridge Works (A nephew of Daniel Higginbottom)

The Coke Family and Longford. Home of Younger Sons (J.Arthur)

Popular Political Economy and Anti-Trade Unionism in the Derbyshire Coalfields in the 1860s (C.P.Griffin)

Belper (M.E.Robson)

The Lead Mining Section of the Wolley MSS (M.Wood)

Castleton Parish Registers (D.V.Fowkes)

The Bakewell Cross (J.R.Pierrepont)


Volume 7: Part 3 (Spring 1975)

The Reverend Thomas Gresley, D.Dp F.R.S. 1734-1785. His Life at Oxford and Netherseal 1759-1778 (C.Castledine)

Railway Excursions in the nineteenth and twentieth Century (J.E.Heath)

Canal Boats, their Builders and their Operators in the first sixty years of the Canals (J.E. Heath)

Swathwick in Wingerworth: an Exercise in Historical Geography (D.G.Edwards)

A Roman Road in Derbyshire (M.A.Bellhouse)


Volume 7: Part 2 (Autumn 1974)

St Aidan, daughter church of St Alkmund, Derby (V.M.Beadsmoore)

Richard Kirk and his associations with the Wilkinsons of Bersham Foundry near Wrexham (M.A.Bellhouse)

The Cockyard Toll Bar Cottage (H. A.Bellhouse)

Derbyshire Newspapers (J.E.Heath)

John Hieron, William Wolley, Samuel Sanders and the History of Derbyshire (P. Riden)

Four Ashover Accidents of the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries (A.Henstock)

Royalist Conspiracies and Derbyshire Part 1 (N.Kirkham)


Volume 7: Part 1 (Spring 1974)

A Farm Account Book of the early 18th Century (F.S.Ogden)

The Transactions of the East Derbyshire Field Club 1903-1917 (P.J.Riden)

The lost "Woman’s Cross" in Combs Edge (M.A.Bellhouse)

Medieval Church of All Saints, Derby (M.Mallender)

William Ulithorn Wray (E.Paulson)

The Leeke Family in the Civil War (N.Kirkham)


Volume 6: Part 6 (Autumn 1973)

As to the Estates of the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Chesterfield in the County of Derby. Transcribed by Christopher Charlton

Hayfield in 1851

The Belper and Morley Park (or Denby Colliery) Tramroad by Peter Stevenson

Turnpike Roads in Derbyshire by Joseph Scott


Volume 6: Part 5 (Spring 1973)

A Record Series for Derbyshire by The late John M. Bestall.

Wingfield Manor in the Civil War by Nellie Kirkham

A Derbyshire Diary of 100 years ago by John Heath

The Society of Fritchley Friends by Brian Key

Ox-horns and Ashbourne by K.Hollick

Local History Outings by V. Beadsmore


Volume 6: Part 4 (Autumn 1972)

S Mary’s Church, Derby by Margaret Mallender  

The Battle of Barton upon Trent and the Tutbury Hoard by C Castledine & A Munford

The Old Chest of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar Schools Ashbourne by Reginald C Smith  

Derbyshire Quarter Sessions Roils Poor Law; Removal Orders by L Bradley  

Mapleton - an eighteenth century private enclosure by D V Fowkes  

George Sanderson and the plans of the Midland Counties Railway by Peter Stevenson  

The Ripley - Swanwick - Alfreton Bypass (A61) by D V Fowkes & P J Riden  

Local History Section Outings by V Beadsmore  


Volume 6: Part 3 (Spring 1972)

The Formation of the Derby Poor Law Union Victoria Mills : Draycott by Dennis Sumpter and John Heath  

An Interesting Discovery in Combs in the Parish of Chapel-en-le-Frith by M A Bellhouse  

Ashbourne : The Historical Setting by Adrian Henstock  

A Window Tax Account for Offcote and Underwood with notes compiled by S L Garlic  

Notes on Morton by E C Clayton  

Statutory Protection of Historic Buildings by R W Evans  

A Boom Colliery in the Boer War Period by A R Griffin  

Water Bucket Pumping Engines by G Downs-Rose  


Volume 6: Part 2 (Autumn 1971)

Ancient Boundaries by Nellie Kirkham  

Report on the East Midlands Industrial Archaeology  

Notes on Morton by E C Clayton

The British School, Hollis Lane, Chesterfield by S L Garlic  

Report on Section Outing - Selston, Norbury and Longford by V M Beadsmoore  


Volume 6: Part 1 (Spring 1971)

The Butterley Company in Codnor Park 1796 - 1834 by D V Fowkes  

Longford Cheese Factory by A J M Henstock  

Ancient Boundaries by Nellie Kirkham  

Ashbourne Church Bells by Reginald C Smith  

Section Outing - Charnwood Forest Area by V M Beardmore  

William Bamford's Diary by Cyril Harrison  

A Forgotten Battle - Burton-on-Trent, 1322 by Antony P Munford  

The Development of Ironville by D V Fowkes  


Volume 5: Part 4 (Autumn 1970)

Lead Smelting Boles in Derbyshire by Nellie Kirkham  

Some Church Wardens Accounts - Denby by F S Ogden  

Turnpike Roads by Robert Thornhill  

Some Notes on Toll Bars and Turnpike Roads by W H Bridghouse  

Young Stephen Bellot by M A Bellhouse  

A Journeyman Cordwainer Falls on Evil Days by F S Ogden  

A Boom Colliery in the Boer War Period by A R Griffin  

Mrs Delany, an 18th Century Visitor to Derbyshire by Nell Thomas  

John Wigley of Wigwell (concluded) by Derek A Wigley  


Volume 5: Part 3 (Spring  1970)

John Wigley of Wigwell by Derek A Wigley  

Ancient Boundaries by Nellie Kirkham  

Carr Green by M A Bellhouse  

Ashbourne Gingerbread Shop by Reginald C Smith  

The Columbells of Darley Nether Hall Manor by Ernest Paulson  

Stage Coach Routes in 18th and 19th Century Derbyshire by John E Heath  

The Barnes Family by Edwin Clay Barnes  

Two 18th Century Indentures  

Visit to the Chumet Valley reported by V M Beadsmoore  

Early Heating in Chapel-en-le-Frith Parish Church by M A Bellhouse  


Volume 5: Part 2 (Autumn 1969)

Industrial Relations By Poster By A R Griffin  

The Buxton Cure By Ivor E Burton  

The Combs Smithy By Marguerite A Bellhouse  

Samuel Slater By M E Robson  

Uncle Pop By R Thornhill  

The Post Office At Derby, 1839-1851 By S Simpson  


Volume 5: Part 1 (Spring 1969)

The Nottingham-Newhaven Turnpike by Reginald Johnson  

The Longford and Brailsford Drum and Fife Band by F S Ogden  

John Gratton of Monyash by E B Thomas  

Industry in Quarndon by Derek A Wigley  

Bakewell Gas by Robert Thornhill  

Some Nineteenth Century Derbyshire Schools by F S Ogden  

Stanley Kilburn Colliery by F S Ogden  

Road Development in Derby and Matlock by Ernest Paulson  

Dr Erasmus Darwin's School at Ashbourne Further notes on No 58 St John Street by Reginald C Smith  

George Fletcher of Derby by Marion Rose  

Notes on Toll Houses by Rennie Hayhurst  

The Upper Trent Navigation - a talk by C C Owen Reported by V M Beadsmoore  

An Account of Princess Victoria’s Visit to Belper from M E Robson  


Volume 4: Part 4 (Autumn 1968)

Notes on Some Derbyshire Toll Houses and Turnipke Roads by Robert Thornhill  

The Dakeyne Collection by C J Williams  

A Sough to Miln Close Grove and Windmill Sough by Nellie Kirkham  

The Archaeologist by Anon  

Old Henry Wigley (concluded) by Derek A Wigley  


Volume 4: Part 3 (Apr. 1968)

A Seventeenth Century Burglary at Cainfield Hall by C J Williams  

South Wingfield Woodhouses by W H Brighouse  

Stanley Kilburn Colliery by F S Ogden  

Some Notes on Bradshaw Hall by M A Life Bellhouse  

Old Henry Wigley by Derek A Wigley  

The Bugsworth Complex of the Peak Forest Canal and Tramway by Brian Lamb  

Notes on the Derby Athenaeum , • St Alkmund's Churchyard by Barbara Mason  

An Excursion Train in 1847 by Robert Thornhill  

William Bamford’s Diary (continued) edited by Cyril Harrison  

J A Stevenson's Journal (continued)  


Volume 4: Part 2 (Oct. 1967)

Ilkeston Fair by R A H O'Neal  

St John's Church, Bridge Street, Derby by F N Fisher  

The Post Office at Derby 1837-1839 by Samuel Simpson  

School Books by Robert Thornhill  

Philip Kinder by E B Thomas  

Derbyshire lead Miners' Dish by Nellie Kirkham  


Volume 4: Part 1 (Mar. 1967)

Some Derbyshire Place Names by Ivor E Burton  

Industries of Eyam by Clarence Daniel  

58 St John Street, Ashbourne by Reginald C Smith  

A Further Note on Edward Dayes by V S Smith  

Hassop Chapel by Robert Thornhill  

Osmaston - juxta - Ashbourne by J Vernon Calhoun  

Paith Wigley’s Will by Derek Wigley  

A Doctor’s Patient in 1832 by F S Ogden  

William Bamford’s Diary (continued) edited by Cyril Harrison  

Daily Journal and Memorandum (con’d) by J A Stevenson  

Inexpensive Binding of Bulletins by Robert Thornhill  


Volume 3: Part 9 (Oct 1966)

South Wingfield And A Darley Charter By W.H. Brighouse  

Derbyshire Lead Miners In The North Of England By H. Domleo

Heage Hall And Owners By H. Eardley Field

Wingerworth Hall And Its Hanloke Family By S.L. Garlic

Nun's Green, Derby By Derek A. Wigley

Mr. Edward Dayes And Derbyshire By D.J. Poritt

The East To West Railway By Robert Thornhill

William Bamfords Diary By Derek C. Harrison

Warding The Church By F.S. Ogden


Volume 3: Part 8 (June 1966)

Wigwell Grange By Derek A. Wigley

Tunstead Mill By M.A. Life-Bellhouse

William Bamfords Diary By Derek C. Harrison

Candles And Powder For Lead Miners By Robert Thornhill  

Further Notes About Derbyshire By F.S. Ogden

The Derby Journal And Memorandum By A.J.A. Stephenson

Wigwell Mill By Derek A. Wigley And L.J. Stead  

Further Notes On Crich By S.L. Garlic


Volume 3: Part 7 (Feb 1966)

The Derby Journal And Memorandum By A.J.A. Stephenson

William Bamfords Diary By Derek C. Harrison

Hartington Moles By Robert Thornhill

Some Wigley Wills By Derek A. Wigley

Notes From A Pocket Book By F.S. Ogden


Volume 3: Part 6 (Oct 1965)

Some Notes On The Wigley Family Of Derbyshire By Derek A. Wigley

Lead Mining Near Calver By Robert Thornhill

Cressbrook And Little Mills By J. Wilfred Jackson

Societies For The Prosecution Of Felons By F.S. Ogden

How Crich Celebrated Peace N 1856

Woodeaves Mill, Ashbourne By F.W. Boden


Volume 3: Part 5 (June 1965)

Some Notes On The Wigley Family Of Derbyshire By Derek A. Wigley

The Archaeology Of Industry In Derbyshire - Bull Bridge Area


Volume 3: Part 4 (Feb 1965)

Notes On The Brewing And Inns In Combs By Marguerite A. Life

The Zig Zag Railway By S.L. Garlic

It Happened In Derby - Items From The Derby Mercury May 23 1793 By Robert Thornhill

Glover 93


Volume 3: Part 3 (Oct 1964)

Apprentice Indenture By Robert Thornhill

An Outline History Of Peckwash Mill, Little Eaton by G. Hickling


Volume 3: Part 2 (June 1964)

A Man Disaffected By D.H. Buckley

The Nail Making Industry Of Belper By M.E. Robinson

Church And Memorials In Kirk Ireton

The Window Tax By Robert Thornhill

Glover 87


Volume 3: Part 1 (Feb 1964)

Mighty Men By Robert Thornhill

The Bellots Of Brockfield By M.A. Life

Seating At Kirk Ireton Church

John Joseph Briggs Of Kings Newton By H. Domleo

Glover 83


Volume 2: Part 12 (Oct. 1963)

Silence Mine By Nellie Kirkham

A Leicestershire Abbey's Derbyshire Possessions By George H. Green  

Notes On The Engineering History Of Derbyshire By F. Nixon

The Testament Of The First Lord Mountjoy By Rennie Hayhurst

Glover 79


Volume 2: Part 11 (Jun. 1963)

Sarah And James By R.A.H. O’Neal

North Midland Bibliography By R, A. H, O’Neal

George Furness And His Travels By Robert Thornhill

Transportation To Van Diemen's Land By Robert Thornhill

The Disappearance Of The River Bradford By Brian Melland

Further Survey Of The Post Office At Belper And Wirksworth Before 1838 By Samuel Simpson

Industrial. Archaeology

Glover 71


Volume 2: Part 10 (Feb. 1963)

A Brief Survey Of The Early Postal Service At Belper 1788-1838 By Samuel Simpson

Some Notes On The Dudley Of Norbriggs And The Norbriggs Shovel Works By S.L. Garlic

Local History - A Local Collection By H.S. Bromby

William Wager And His Employees By Robert Thornhill

Glover 69

Whittington Mill By R.H. Oakley


Volume 2: Part 9 (Nov. 1962)

Barlow Records - Mines, Apprenticeships By Norah K. Webb

Records Of Two Ancient Water Mills In Combs Edge By M.A. Life

Glover 63


Volume 2: Part 8 (Sept. 1962)

Magpie MineAnd Its Tragedy By Nellie Kirkham


Volume 2: Part 7 (Feb. 1962)

The Mills Of Haymoorside By R.H. Oakley

Derbyshire And The Crossbow By Rennie Hayhurst

Wooley The Codnor Clockmaker By G.H. Large

Some Late 17Th Century London Tradesmens Accounts By Francis Fisher

Glover 57


Volume 2: Part 6 (Jul. 1961)

Some Late 17Th Century London Tradesmens Accounts By Francis Fisher

Some Travellers In The Matlock And Bakewell Districts During The 1870'S By D.J. Porritt

The Cannon In The Civil War By R. Hayhurst

The Early Life Of Richard Naylor By Robert Thornhill

Note On Beighton Hill, Ashley Hay By E.B.Thomas

Glover 55


Volume 2: Part 5 (Feb. 1961)

Lead Mines And Royalists By Nellie Kirkham

The London Cheesemongers Agreement With Fastbrooke And Shardlow By Geo. H. Green

A Relic Of Bygone Derby By W. Douglas White


Volume 2: Part 4 (Oct. 1960)

Historical Notes On The Derbyshire - Leicestershire Border By Geo. H. Green

The Cromford Canal

Alport By Youlgreave Mills By Nellie Kirkham

Glover 53


Volume 2: Part 3 (June 1960)

The Medieval History of Aldwark by R.A.H. O'Neal

From the Tissington Hall Documents Ed by R. Hayhurst

More historical notes on the Derbyshire-Leicestershire Border by Geo. H. Green


Volume 2: Part 2 (Feb. 1960)

Erwood Hall, Goyt Valley By Francis Fisher

Vignettes Of Village Life By Francis Fisher

The Derby Ram

James Brindley


Volume 2: Part 1 (Oct. 1959)

The Derby Ram By R.A.H. 0’Neal

Song - The Ram Of Derby

The Chesterfield-Mansfield Turnpike Road By M. Gavaghan

Cavendish Bridge, Toll House & Former Ferry By Geo. H. Green

Derbyshire Recusants


Volume 1: Part 12 (Jun. 1959)

F.A.Holmes And Dovedale, By J.E. Holmes

The Pentrich Revolt By R. Hayhurst

Place Names Of Derbyshire By J. W. Allen

Some Advice On Searching Parish Registers By F. Fisher

The Willoughbys Of Wollaton

Notes And Queries - Many Assorted

Glover 41-42


Volume 1: Part 11 (Feb. 1959)

Sir Simon Degge, A 17th Century Recorder Of Derby By F.N. Fisher

Historical Problems Of South North West Leicestershire Border By Geo. H. Green

The Local Collection Of The Derby Borough Libraries By E. Bletcher

Notes On James Brindley By John H.D.M. Campbell

Glover 38-40


Volume 1: Part 10 (Oct. 1958)

Enclosures And Stone Walls By J.M. Bestall

The Recusants Of Derbyshire By A.E. Oldaker

Monumental Brasses

Some Notes On Chaddesden By Raymond Window

Rev.J. Flamsteed - The First Astronomer Royal By G.H. Large

Dr. Thomas Linacre 1460-1524 By Chas. C. Handford

Glover 33-36


Volume 1: Part 09 (June 1958)

Eighteenth Centuy Steam Endines in Derbyshire Lead Mines

The Early Textile Industry in NE Derbyshire by Owen Ashmore

Fire Insurance Marks by John Lomas

Public Health in Hognaston by Philip T Meldrum

Accounts of a Derbyshire Visitor to Bath ib 1661 by Francis Fisher


Volume 1: Part 08 (Feb 1958)

Robert Blincoe and the Early Factory System by A. E. Musson

Three Ancient Waremills by  R. Johnson

The Petty Constable by Philip T. Meldrum

The Accounts of the Overseers of Riply1674-1712 by Francis Fisher

Brass Rubbings by L.A. Fisher

Centenary Celebrations at Eyam by Clarence Daniel


Volume 1: Part 07 (Oct 1957)

Notes On The History Of Ible By R.A.H.O ’Neal

Glebe Mine, Eyam By Nellie Kirkham

The Sessions At Bakewell And The Riot, By Robert Thornhill

Coldwall Bridge By R. Haymurst

Some Seventeenth Century Household Accounts By Francis Fisher


Volume 1: Part 06 (June 1957)

Ridgeway Level, Whatstandwell, By Nellie Kirkham

Washing Ore In Longstone By Robert Thornhill

Wakes Week Ceremony By R.A.H. O'Neal

Notes On Old Belper By F.T Harrison

A Coachman'S Expenses Book 1817-1820 By R. Hayhurst

Richard Furness-The Peakland Poet By C. Daniel


Volume 1: Part 05 (March 1957)

Collection of Records

The Early Textile industry in the Derwent Valley by Owen Ashmore

Oor Roads by John M.Worthy

Parliamentary Enclosure Meeting


Volume 1: Part 04 (Dec. 1956)

Parliamentary Enclosures In Derbyshire By J.M.Bestall

Some Notes On The Early Iron Industry And Belper Nailers By F.T. Harrison

The Derbyshire Archives  

Some Notes On The History Of Whatstandwell By R.A.H. O'Neal

The Buxton Public Library And Museum History Collection By I.E. Burton

Glover 9


Volume 1: Part 03 (Sept 1956)

Notes On The Village Of Tissington

Lead Mine Shafts And Hillocks By Nellie Kirkham

Industry In Belper By F.T. Harrison

Watermills By F.W. Munslow

The Derbyshire Archives  

Material In Sheffield City Library


Volume 1: Part 02 (May 1956)

Pack Horse Bridges In Derbyshire

Footpaths In Duffield Parish

Early Cotton Spinning At Belper

The Rawlins Manuscript

The Birth Of An Historical Society

Local History Collection Of The Chesterfield Public Library

Derby Borough Libraries

The Barlborough Hall Documents

The Derbyshire Archives


Volume 1: Part 01 (Feb. 1956)

Inaugral Meeting Of Local History Section

Local Archives

Notes On Derbyshire County Maps

The Derby Borough Libraries

Formation Of Section


Supplement 01: Richard Furness, the Peakland Poet St Pancras Chambers  (Currently missing)

Supplement 02: Further Longstone Records A Village Constable's Accounts

Supplement 03: Whitehurst family by Mr. W.Douglas White

Supplement 04 : James Brindley by Frank Nixon

Supplement 05: About a Derbyshire Village (Great Longstone) (1958)

Supplement 06: Gresley, The Family, Lands and Priory by Oswald Hall (1959) (Currently missing)

Supplement 07: The Use of Cannon in the Civil War (1963)

Supplement 08: The Drainng of the Wirksworth Mines by Nellie Kirkham (Currently missing)

Supplement 09: Lead Ore Tithe by Nellie Kirkham (1965)

Supplement 10: A Memoir of Robert Blincoe:  Early Textiles: Early Factory System

Supplement 11: Some Maps of the County of Derbyshire (1971)

Supplement 12: Lets Try It (Joseph Whitworth) by Ernest Whitworth (1984)

Supplement ??: Some Notes on Longstone Church, Village and Peoples by Robert Thornhill (Currently missing)