Bradgate Park excavation

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22/09/2021 14:00 - 16:00

Ice Age Journeys and the Bradgate Park Trust are undertaking a community archaeological survey of the River Lin floodplain. This Lottery-funded project will build upon the previous archaeological work at the Creswellian site, Little Matlock Gorge, led by Lynden Cooper for the University of Leicester Archaeological Services in 2015–16.  The current project, led by Lynden and Daryl Garton, aims to map the superficial deposits of the glacial terrace between Little Matlock Gorge and Bradgate House. It will comprise auger and test-pit survey, providing data for a geomorphological model of the Late Glacial floodplain and identify any scatters of worked flints.

Feel free to visit the excavations at any time (14th–16th and 21st–23rd September, 10:30–3:30) in this public park, but there will be a special tour detailing the Late Upper Palaeolithic archaeology on Wednesday 22nd September, 2pm start.  Nearest parking (and toilets) are at Newton Linford carpark, LE6 0HB (Pay & Display). To find Daryl and Lynden, walk into the park along the river – about 10-15 mins.