St. Mary’s Church Hall

Location:Darley Lane, Derby, DE1 3AX

Upcoming events

  • 13/03/2020 19:30 - 13/03/2020 21:30

    Speaker, John Arnold.

    When Alfred was born there were still four Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms but by the time of his death only Wessex survived with its own Anglo-Saxon royal household. This talk will examine why Wessex under Alfred was able to survive against Viking incursions whereas other states failed.

  • 20/03/2020 19:30 - 20/03/2020 21:30

    Speaker, Dr Rosemary Muge.

    Poaching was endemic in 19th century East Midlands, at a level which equalled or exceeded that in the great poaching counties of the south and east. Night poaching was of great concern to the landed gentry and poaching affrays were common. Details of activities in Derbyshire in particular will be given.

  • 27/03/2020 19:30 - 27/03/2020 21:30

    Speaker, Robert Mee.


  • 03/04/2020 19:30 - 03/04/2020 21:30

    Speaker, Chris Madge, a member of the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Society.

    The Derby – Sandiacre canal was engineered by Benjamin Outram and opened in stages between 1795-7. It was closed in 1946 and lay part derelict until the setting up of a Trust.

    The speaker will recount the canal’s history until its closure and the Trust’s progress towards its full restoration including their endeavour to reconnect the Erewash canal to Derby and the river Trent.

  • 01/05/2020 19:30 - 01/05/2020 21:30

    Special Event

    The venue will be St. Mary's Church Hall.
    ‘Tracing Derbyshire’s Monastic Granges in the landscape’.
    Speakers, Mary Wiltshire and Sue Woore, landscape historians and research partners.

    The speakers are well known for their landscape studies of the Duffield Frith and the Medieval Parks of Derbyshire. Their latest research on Derbyshire’s Monastic Granges, recently published, is the cumulation of many hours of field walking, together with a study of maps and documentary sources.

  • 16/10/2020 19:30 - 16/10/2020 21:00

    Speaker: Dr Tony Bethel

  • 06/11/2020 19:30 - 06/11/2020 21:00

    Speaker: Rebecca Sheldon

  • 13/11/2020 19:30 - 13/11/2020 21:00

    John Lower, from the Chesterfield Canal Trust will describe a “living archaeology” project re-creating a 70 foot horse-drawn, sail-driven narrowboat to a design last built in the 1930s  and unique to the Chesterfield canal. Volunteers using only contemporary hand tools and seven tons of oak and larch put in four years of hard work. This is the story from the origin of the project through to the adventures of the vessel so far.

  • 08/01/2021 19:30 - 08/01/2021 21:00

    Robert Mee

  • LHS
    12/02/2021 19:30 - 12/02/2021 21:00

    Date reserved for section talk.

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