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Membership is open to any person or body interested in all aspects of Derbyshire’s History and Heritage. 

All are welcome and as an individual member you can explore and learn about the county’s history and archaeology through:

  • a winter programme of talks and lectures on topics relevant to Derbyshire;
  • summer programme of visits to historical places of interest in both Derbyshire and other counties;
  • the Derbyshire Archaeological Journal published annually and sent to all members;
  • access to borrowing books from the Society’s library;
  • participating in fieldwork and conservation activities organised by the Society;
  • the six monthly Newsletter;
  • an opportunity to apply for a grant to fund expenses associated with your own research projects.


  • The annual subscription is £18.00, and covers one or more members of a household permanently residing at the same address. 
  • We do not normally offer a reduction for members joining part way through the year as they will still receive many of the publications which represent most of the annual costs of membership.
  • Anybody in full time education can apply to become a student member at the reduced annual fee of £13.


  • The annual subscription for Libraries, societies and other bodies (Institutional members) is: UK: £18; Overseas: £25. Newsletters etc. normally only on request.
  • Institution members are entitled to receive a copy of our Journal.

Derbyshire Miscellany

  • Individuals and institutions may also subscribe to ‘Derbyshire Miscellany’ for an additional £8 per annum (overseas £12).
  • Miscellany is published on a six monthly basis

Gift Aid

  • Our income increases by almost £4 per subscription if members Gift Aid their subscription.
  • If you are a tax payer please Gift Aid your subscription.

To become a member fill in the form (obtained by clicking Membership Form above) and send it to the Membership Secretary along with the above fees or a completed Bankers Order and the Gift Aid (if you are a UK Tax payer). It improves the efficiency of the Society if members pay by Bankers (standing) order

Full details can be obtained from the Membership Secretary, Mr. K. Reedman, 107 Curzon Street, Long Eaton, Derbyshire NG10 4FH. or see Contact Us to submit a membership  enquiry.