• 02
    October 2, 2020

    IAS: Derby Canal - history and restoration

    19:30 -21:00

    Speaker, Chris Madge, a member of the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Society.

    The Derby – Sandiacre canal was engineered by Benjamin Outram and opened in stages between 1795-7. It was closed in 1946 and lay part derelict until the setting up of a Trust.

    The speaker will recount the canal’s history until its closure and the Trust’s progress towards its full restoration including their endeavour to reconnect the Erewash canal to Derby and the river Trent.

  • 16
    October 16, 2020

    LHS: The Hospitaller Knights

    19:30 -21:00

    Speaker: Dr Tony Bethel

    The speaker will trace the history of the Order of St John from the First Crusade, through the final expulsion of the Christian armies from the Holy Land to the Dissolution of the Order in England by Henry VIII and in Europe by Napoleon.  From the start of the new English Order by Queen Victoria the talk pictures the two main modern charitable aspects of the Order of St John and highlights some of the links with Derbyshire down the centuries – and the scope for much more archaeological and historical research.

  • 23
    October 23, 2020

    Medieval graffiti - the lost voices of England's churches

    19:30 -21:00

    talk by Matthew Champion

    Today most forms of graffiti are regarded as destructive, as anti-social, and certainly not something that we should encourage or welcome on our historic churches. However, that attitude is largely a modern one. Prior to about 1850 all forms of graffiti were, like the outrageous marginalia of a medieval manuscript, at least accepted. As a result our medieval churches are covered in hundreds of thousands of largely unrecorded inscriptions. Inscriptions that deal with matters of faith, of commerce, and of life and death. Waiting only for someone to read them.