Medieval graffiti in historic buildings

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12/04/2024 19:30 - 21:00

Speaker: Dr Mark Knight - ZOOM ONLY

The speaker is the Cultural Heritage Officer, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, and he is setting up a project to investigate medieval graffiti in historic buildings along the River Trent through Staffordshire and Derbyshire as far as the confluence with the River Derwent, including the River Dove as far upstream as Rocester. This project would involve volunteers actively visiting, investigating and recording graffiti in churches and other medieval buildings.

Building on successes in East Anglia (Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey) and in the North East (University of Durham Belief in the North East), this proposed project will investigate historic graffiti in our medieval churches and other buildings and structures within a defined area.  The aim is to engage with and connect local communities with some of their oldest historic buildings, providing a deeper understanding and relationship.  Selecting a number of medieval churches or other ancient buildings within the project area, volunteers will be trained to survey and record medieval (and later) graffiti in their local area, and the wider project area if they so wish.

This online talk is a first opportunity to hear about this project and how DAS members can get involved.

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