Derbyshire Archaeological Journal

The Derbyshire Archaeological Journal is published by the Society on an annual basis and is free to all members. We welcome contributions to the Journal. For further information please contact the Editor – see Contact Us page.

Volumes of our journal from 1879 have been digitised on the Archaeology Data Service. Their website provides a facility to search by author or title, and PDF copies of individual articles can be downloaded for free except for the most recent 5 years.  You can go directly to it by clicking here.

Over the years a number of cumulative indexes to the journal have been published, and these are available to download from the list below:

Detailed cumulative index for 1879-1903
Subject index for 1879-1952
Subject and author index for 1953-1962
Subject and author index for 1963-1980
Subject and author index for 1980-2001

Printed copies of back issues can also be purchased for £5 per volume. Please enquire via for availability of the year you require, postal charges that will apply and methods of payment.

Contents of the most recent volumes not yet available online at ADS are…

Volume 143 -2023

  • An Early Iron Age farmstead and other prehistoric activity at Breadsall Hilltop
    Richard Huxley
  • The administrative geography of Derbyshire before 1834
    Philip Riden
  • The Bradbury family of Ollersett, the Jodrells and the
    Hundred Years War
    Roger Bryant and Martin Rose
  • Catherine Sorocold and Samuel Hayes
    Griff Everett
  • The Derbyshire diaries of Sir Joseph Banks 1793–1812
    Harold Carter and Stuart Band
  • Percy Bond Houfton: an ‘unknown’ Derbyshire school architect
    Michael Pollard
  • Friar Gate House School, Derby
    Liz Keeley

Volume 142 – 2022

  • Miriam Wood 1935-2022
  • A Bronze Age barrow with unique evidence for curated remains at Doveridge
    Patrick Daniel, Jacqueline I McKinley and Simon R Brown
  • Evidence for a Roman road between Templeborough and Brough on Noe
    Carl Clayton
  • The medieval corn mill at New Mills
    Roger M Bryant
  • Medieval Mellor and its corn mill
    Roger M Bryant
  • Chesterfield glaziers, 1688-1668
    David Bostwick
  • Derbyshire population statistics, 1673-1801
    Philip Riden
  • The Derbyshire lead miner in the late eighteenth century: the diary of John Naylor of Sheldon, 1789-92
    Matthew R Pawelski
  • George Julian Harney and the Chartists at Derby
    Richard A Gaunt

Volume 141 – 2021

  • The Roman road between Little Chester and Longcliffe
    David Ratledge
  • Romano-British settlement at Highfields Farm, Findern, Derby
    Andrew Valdez-Tullett with Paula Whittaker
  • Excavations at Outseats Farm, Alfreton
    Ashley Tuck
  • Excavations at Sadler Bridge Studios, Bold Lane, Derby
    Richard Gregory
  • A Gazetteer of bloomery sites in north-east Derbyshire
    Paul Smith and Richard Carr
  • The Bradbourne family chantries founded by Anne Kniveton c.1483–1500
    John Titterton
  • The Linacres and the Leakes: gentry violence in early Tudor Scarsdale
    Philip Riden
  • Morris dancing in New Mills, Hayfield and district
    Roger M. Bryant
  • The Engineering industry in Sandiacre
    Keith Goodman